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Bag in Bag Collapsible Purse/Tote Bag Organizer


Bag in Bag Collapsible Purse/Tote Bag Organizer


What is this product?

Do you find yourself always searching in your tote bag or hand-bag, for keys, phone, wallet, or all the other stuff we throw in our bags? If that's you, then we have just the right item for you! 

The Collapsible Bag Organizer is specially designed for people who have lots and lots to fit in their purse but just can't seem to keep it all organized. 

NOT JUST FOR WOMEN! Men need organization too! Perfect insert for messenger bags, back packs that lack pockets...perfect for students!!


  • Adjustable size - Easily collapse the organizer to a smaller size by using the buttons located on each side
  • Two zipper pockets on each side
  • large middle section where you can place large items (like the iPad or a book)
  • pockets in the front and back for you to reach for smaller items conveniently without having the item drop into your purse
  • Strong enough to sustain possible external damages, so go ahead and throw your purse around. You are safe now :)
  • With hidden handles to allow you to take the purse hanger in and out of your purse. This feature allows you to switch purses in an organize fashion and never again leave something behind
  • Dimensions: height:  7" x length:  11 " x width:  1-4" 

estimated delivery time:  12-20 days

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