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8 Shoe Styles Every Woman Should Own....


We all could use some retail therapy, after this crazy summer! Start with these shoes and you are guaranteed to have the beginnings of a well rounded shoe-wardrobe.

1.) Classic Pumps. Everyone needs a classic pair of pumps & nothing will make you mad about these out-of-the-box, AMAZEBALLS pumps! The rubber sole makes them even more every day friendly. #classic

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2.) Ankle Strap Sandals. All the rage for Spring & Summer and that look isn't going anywhere! Stay on trend with these fabulous heels + pair with fun hosiery in the cooler months. (Also available in Black) I could totally see these nude sandals with a jewel-toned dress, at a fall wedding. #fab

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3.) Luxe Loafers. Oh, how I love a great pair of loafers! Super stylish, comfortable & just that little smidge of "menswear inspired" to add interest. Everyone needs a pair of Luxe Loafers! (Also available in Black) #pennyloafers

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4.) Dressy Tall Boots. To go with leggings, jeggings, skirts, dresses... we're talking pretty much everything in your closet! Super cute with boot-cut denim! Don't let the suede make you nervous. A good weather proof spray will take care of them. In fact, we'll spray them for you :) #sexy

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5.) Stacked heels. When companies started bringing back these stacked heels, I had a few hesitations. But stacked heels are another look that is not going anywhere & these heels with the wool fabric, are just the ticket to add this look in to your shoe wardrobe with ease! Very attractive on! These would be a great way to jazz up your office look! #style

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6.) Sleek Ankle Boots. I can't say enough about ankle boots! Ankle boots are the perfect alternative to those of us with athletic calves, but still have that "look" of wearing boots. And, OMG!! Talk about perfection! These Gwen Stefani, L.A.M.B. booties, are To. Die. For. Literally! I have NEVER had a softer leather touch my tootsies! Yummy! You NEED these! I'm not trying to spend your money, but these were $345 & are now under 100$!!! #killerdeal 

L.A.M.B. {levy} 


7.) Leather Flips. The simplicity, the ease of just slipping on a pair of flip flops, is heaven. Agreed. But, flip flops...well, they flip & flop & flip & flop! Of course, rubber flip flops have their place (like around bodies of water) but why not dress it up a bit? 100% possible with these fabulous leather flips! #fun

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8.) Casual Sneakers. What I have loved about these high-top sweeties, is not just their comfort, but how they really do go with everything! I've worn them with skirts, maxi dresses, shorts, cropped gym pants & leggings. I just adore them! I've gotten so picky with my shoes, that if I can't create at least 5 looks with a pair of shoes, they don't get a coveted spot on my new shoe shelves. Did I mention, these babies are under $40? #love

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PS., All these styles are available here + marked down until 8.31.16! 

For more styling tips, keep checking in. Blogging about fashion is a really fun way for me to connect with you, so I hope you've enjoyed!

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xxoo, Michele



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