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About Us

sole.mate began as a little footwear boutique in Downtown Great Falls, Montana, November 21, 2009. We opened very small, with not a lot of inventory & during an economic depression. But, we had a dream.

After opening & making our way through our first Holiday Season, we started selling our discounted, sale items on eBay in 2010. Seeing the positive reaction from selling on the internet, I set out on an unknown journey of developing our own website.

In early 2012, our shopping site, sole.mate montana was launched!

After 4 years later of running both a Website & a Showroom. we became 100% internet based! Since our launch, we have expanded to include {BEAUTY} with all things eco-luxe. Every July, we also feature a collection called {CHRISTMAS in JULY} where you can get a jumpstart on the holidays instead of stressing over gifting & decorating, at the last minute!

Our mission is to bring to our customers hip, trendy, classic, comfortable fashion, for you, your pets, & your home. We strive to do this with style and grace, without compromising our exceptional service.

What you wear from head to toe, is an expression of your unique self & we're excited to be a part of your fashion building journey. xx, Michele


Michele Wandke - HBIC 

I have been in love with all things fashion, for as long as I can remember. I think it all started when I was about 6 and started playing with Barbies. Who wouldn't love to have all those shoes & clothes?? I knew in some way, shape or form, my life would have something to do with fashion.

I am - a wife & a mother of two beautiful women & one fur child; a foodie/home chef who loves to put on huge holiday meals with my soulmate; I hoard shoes & cookbooks; and I've rarely ever turned down a glass of wine. With Champs, you'll win me over every time! I love the smell of leather, office supply stores, book stores & I have over 100 bottles of perfume.

I'm also more than a little obsessed with all things related to Real Housewives. So if Bravo decided to make a Real Housewives of Montana (CALL ME, @ANDY COHEN!!), my tag line would be, "Haters gonna hate & I hate 'em right on back! Namaste, Bitches!"


John Wandke - president of craziness

John is the yin to my yang, the Ken to my Lisa, the Kroy to my Kim, and works tirelessly to keep me sane. He is my partner in all things & sole.mate montana would not be what it is today without his love and support of my dream. I mean, look at him! What an awesome man I have! 

John, with a degree in Microbiology, ran the lab of the water treatment plant, for the City of Great Falls, for over 20 years! It was his responsibility to make sure that 60,000+ people drank safe & clean water. When the City officials failed to see the benefit of having a microbiologist run the lab, John left the water treatment plant to dedicate his time to being the president of this online boutique.

John, my fabulous husband, wears many hats as President, but his favorite is the hard hat. Why the hard hat? You will just have to ask him! When John isn't wrapping your purchases for shipment, you can find him either gardening, cooking, baking, buying wine, tending to our sweet Yorkie, Gucci or posing with statues & people sleeping in public. If you fall asleep in public, chances are John has posed with you, ala Jeff Lewis. 😉😉