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All good things must come to an end

Time to say good-bye...
In truth, we aren't going far - we're just closing down THIS website! 

We launched this website in March of 2013, with this new website hosting company called Shopify. We were pretty thrilled to be on this ride with them. They were new, we were new & I knew absolutely ZERO about creating a website, but Shopify made it easy. We were, I think their 18th website that was created. I always thought that was pretty cool and that we would always have that connection.

Things change - Shopify is now this HUGE website host and like many online giants, it's all about that mighty dollar. Hey, I get it...I guess. I just always find it hard to shit on the people that got me where I am, but that's just me.

So we're taking our little online boutique, and we're going to give a go, the whole shopping experience on our Social Media platforms! Many of you already connect with us on there, and we ask that you share our pages with your friends!

We have enjoyed this time together. We look forward to see you on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest!

Stay safe,

xo, Michele











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