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Canvas Wall Art

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Working from home definitely has it's perks!

Wearing lounge pants all day, drinking as much coffee as I want, going to the bathroom when I want & not having to hold it for forever, noticing everything is super dusty & now the dryer is dinging at me...oh wait....Anyway, let's just say there pros & cons ~ for sure

However, spending more time at home, I see that we really need to step up our home decor game, so I went on a hunt for fabulous canvas wall art & I found some great pieces!!

I wanted vibrant, colorful, fabulous canvas wall art, that could easily be added to any room in the house + not cost a fortune! That's right! I'm looking out for you ;)

First up, this fabulous coffee cup set! Many moons ago, I owned a coffee shop and these would have looked fabulous in there. (In fact, coffee shop peeps ~ need some great decor ideas? Call me!) Mostly, I love how it is a set of 4 that can be grouped together or split up. Plus, I dig that whole Andy Warhol vibe!

Then I found chickens & roosters ~ I love to collect chickens & roosters, so of course I could so go crazy there....(one might say "Pollo Loco" haha!)

I've added a bunch to the site! Check 'em out! The cow paintings & prints are super awesome too!

Then I spotted this gorgeous painting...

I mean, how tranquil & gorgeous, right? What a simple way to totally change up your space! 

But I think one of my faves, is this one...

Yeah, it pretty much speaks to what my goal is, every damn morning!

Which of our canvas wall art pieces, talks to you??

Oh ~> PS & BTW ~> enter code:  Summer2017 for 10% off your entire purchase!!

Maybe Dad would like some new canvas wall art for his "man cave"!