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Back-to-School time
College isn't what it used to be! It's more costly, more competitive and the list of necessities has transformed into a catalog of self-care comforts and amenities. 
So what does your student need to succeed? We've put together a short list of must haves for Fall 2018   -- some you may want to snap up for yourself!

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 Towels that truly hold up. Equip your budding scholar with 2 or 3 sets of sturdy, highly absorbent towels that can withstand the college treatment. 

A great bag/organizer. Students of all ages can always use great pieces for organizing! Great to insert in to a book bag/tote bag or to organize cosmetics & toiletries in your dorm room. A must have for non-students, too! 

High Quality Bathrobe. Students wear their robes everywhere:  in the suite, in the halls, even the dining commons! Whether it's a laid back Sweatshirt Hooded Robe or a Basic Kimono Robe, this is one luxury amenity that will be put to good use! 

Because we all know exactly how clean the dining commons or hallway floors can be, a great pair of quality slippers is a must!! 

I don't know about you, but I'm picking up some of these goodies for myself!! Happy Back-to-School season!! xx, Michele


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John and I are expecting a baby girl....YORKIE!! We couldn't be more thrilled!! It has taken us awhile to get here. Our hearts were so broken over the loss of our sweet little boy shih-tzu, Louis Vuitton, that we weren't sure we could have another fur baby. Louis was one of a kind & the best dog we'd ever had!! It's been over a year and even though we miss Louis so much, we're ready to love again.



Meet baby Gucci 🌸🌸

Isn't she precious!?! We can't wait to bring her home, at the end of July & you know there will be pictures!! LOTS of pictures! LOL! So get ready! 😉😉 Follow us on Instagram!

Since we're expecting, we are introducing our new Collection to ➡️➡️ {PETS}

Now please keep in mind, this is a very new collection for us & we don't have a ton of products, yet, listed in this Collection. Please be patient with me while I search the world over for products to list in this collection. I hope you will visit {PETS} and check back often!!

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Happy Shopping!! xx Michele & John